Advantages of Leveling your Truck or SUV.

Advantages of leveling your truck or SUV.

Whether you’re wanting to increase your truck height for aesthetics, functionality, or simply a boost in ego, look no further. Here you can learn the many advantages to leveling your truck as you’re searching for what’s right for you.

Typically, truck builds are designed to be a little higher in the rear. This allows the truck to sink in the back as the load weight increases, eventually matching the level of the front. While looking to add some height to your truck, you can either install a lift or leveling kit to achieve your desired outcome. While a lift kit raises both the front and rear of the truck, a leveling kit raises the front to match the rear height. There are many advantages to leveling, as it can raise your truck enough to upgrade wheel size, slightly increases ground clearance, and is a cheaper and easier option to install than a lift kit. Leveling kits generally add a maximum of 2 inches on the front. Torq Engineering kits are designed to level your truck while adding a small lift. 

Allows you to upgrade wheel size

One of the greatest benefits of leveling your truck is that it allows you to upgrade to wheels larger than stock. While most trucks typically allow that in the rear, the front fender would likely interfere with larger tires. In order to avoid this without completely lifting your truck, leveling is a great option. Adding the extra lift on the front will eliminate that issue, allowing larger wheels on all four corners. 

Lifts running boards

As most kits add a maximum of two inches on the front, this additional clearance  translates to raising the running boards as well. Your grandmother may not appreciate the extra height while loading into your truck on your way to sunday service. However, for offroad drivers who skip sunday service altogether to explore God’s country, this can slightly alleviate damage caused when running boards interfere with the ground. While a lift kit would be the greatest advantage in this area, leveling your truck may provide the clearance you need at a cheaper cost. 

Enables you to operate equipment from the front

A leveling kit may be the perfect addition to enable operating equipment from the front. Picture this - it’s a blizzard outside and cars are skidding off the unplowed road. For those of you good samaritans out there, they know the ability to have a winch or plow installed on the front may ensure a reservation with their name on it Heaven. The added support of these elements can weigh down the front, giving the vehicle a boost when operating equipment. 

Improves handling

Lifting the nose of a vehicle results in better handling around corners and in general. Maybe you love to race your buddies, watching the black exhaust billowing from your truck. Maybe you just want to create a smoother ride, taking tighter turns on a scenic drive. Even a two inch raise that this equipment provides can still significantly improve handling when the truck is empty. For drivers who occasionally tow or haul heavy loads, leveling is a great option for handling advantage. 

Prevents sag-to-flat issue

Older models, specifically American models made in the 80s-90s, had heavy sags in the rear of the trucks. This made hauling loads weigh down the frame extremely close to the ground. To solve that problem, companies began to lower the front slightly more than the back. This allowed the truck to be more level with a load, instead of raising the nose. 

Reduces brake strain on emergency stops

While lowering the front has obvious benefits as described above, this can create issues when trying to stop in emergency situations. Balancing your truck with a leveling kit will reduce the front load on the brakes and suspension. This may stress other components, but the advantage of leveling will improve your emergency braking. It can also relieve stress on the front end, therefore relieving stress on your suspension as well. 

Fuel efficiency may not decrease

Installing a leveling kit changes not only the aesthetic profile, but also the aerodynamic profile of the truck. This may be a disadvantage to some models, decreasing fuel efficiency, but some models may even see better mileage. We see this in Dodge trucks, as leveling gives the vehicle more wheel travel. Some other manufacturers may also benefit from leveling as it may decrease engine effort due to an increased frontward slope. 

In conclusion, there are many advantages to leveling your truck. While lifting a truck changes the height in both the rear and front, leveling is still a cheaper option, easier to install, and the advantages may better match your preferences. Leveling your truck may also simply be the subtle and more-humble boost to your ego. To check out Torq Engineerings 3/1 Lift and Leveling kits. click here.

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